Thank you to all the residents who came out to the Special Town Meeting January 28th to help move our project forward!

In case you missed our Nov. 9th Zoom Presentation


In the last few years, numerous joint meetings with the Lancaster Affordable Housing Trust & Economic Development Committee were held to discuss making this proposal a signature development Lancaster can be proud of.

We’re excited to announce the vision for The Landing now includes the establishment of a potential 40R Smart Growth District for a portion of the property between Lunenburg Road & the FC Stars Soccer Complex.

This vision requires two rezoning articles which include the proposed 40R Smart Growth District & an expansion of the Enterprise Zone.  While the 40R article passed November 14, the other did not and will be revoted on at a Special Town Meeting at 10am Saturday Jan. 28th at Mary Rowlandson Auditorium.


“We are still committed to continuing to work with the community and its residents, boards & commissions as well as state agencies including MEPA & DEP to bring forth the best possible project for the Town of Lancaster with mitigation measures that properly account for any abutter, traffic & environmental project impacts and making this proposed development a signature project by which future projects will be measured for decades to come throughout Central Massachusetts.”


This proposal helps Lancaster maximize the benefits to the Town to:

  • meet its affordable housing goals
  • prevent unchecked 40B housing development in town
  • secure state funding to offset additional education costs
  • inject nearly $4 million in new real estate taxes every year into the town budget
  • create new jobs for the region

As Lancaster faces a budget crisis that threatens to force cuts in municipal services & increases in property taxes, this project is the next step to keeping this community a wonderful place to live, work, & raise a family.