Mixed Use


Ongoing meetings with Lancaster’s Economic Development Committee & Affordable Housing Trust have guided a fresh & exciting collaborative vision for a pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use environment with amenities for everyone: diverse residents of all ages & income, retail customers & soccer families, logistics employees & existing Lancastrians alike. The goal of these meetings is to maximize new benefits to Lancaster while ensuring impacts are properly mitigated.

We are working together for the best alternative solution to a development allowed by current zoning & shared in preliminary form: a large 40B ownership residential community in the rear of the site near the White Pond neighborhood, plus 1.5 million SF of logistics use, which would generate significantly less municipal tax revenue & allow less input from the Town. We are excited to share this alternative vision that has emerged through working together.

The 40R Smart Growth Zoning Overlay District (codified as MA General Law Chapter 40R) is slightly different. 40R encourages towns to apply to the Commonwealth to create mixed-use, smart growth zoning districts with affordable housing & become eligible for Chapter 40R & potentially 40S payments, as well as other financial incentives (see below).

Therefore, this vision depends on the approval of two articles to rezone a portion of the property as well as establish a connected 40R District. Both articles will be voted on by Lancaster residents at a Speical Town Meeting November 14th, 2022.


NEW: Modified to 40R at the request of Lancaster’s Affordable Housing Trust, versus 40B, in order to better position the Town of Lancaster financially & allow greater local input.

  • 146-unit 40R mixed-income apartment community including 25% Affordable Housing
  • The 25% Affordable Housing will be comprised of 7.5% Affordable Housing units offered to those qualified at 60% Area Median Income (AMI) & 17.5% Affordable Housing units offered at 80% AMI, which is above the state Affordable Housing requirement of 25% Affordable Housing units offered at 80% AMI
  • Under 40R, the state would give the Town a one-time approximately $788,000 payment & possibly cover school stabilization funding for any added children to the school system under 40S
  • This plan prevents unchecked 40B housing development that overrides local bylaws because all 146 units will count toward Lancaster achieving Safe Harbor status, which means the Town will have met Affordable Housing requirements according to state law

Parks & Trails

NEW: 40R residents & existing Lancaster residents will benefit from enhanced environmental benefits.

  • Proposed trail connectivity to Cook Conservation Area with adjacent public parking at trailhead
  • Two pocket parks for on-site recreation (playground & open space)
  • Located entirely outside the Area of Critical Environmental Concern


Retail & commercial space (34,000 SF in the 40R portion alone) integrated into the 40R Smart Growth District will create new amenities in a vibrant place to gather.

  • Small retail such as restaurants, salons, doctors’ offices & car wash situated in an open-air, landscaped environment
  • Green parking areas with shade from tree canopy
  • Hybrid charging stations included

Regional Public Transit

  • Connection to the public MRTA Bus Route #8 for a transit-friendly environment
  • Two MRTA bus stops within the project: one within the 40R & one within the logistics center
  • MRTA Bus Route #8 currently connects to the nearby MBTA Commuter Rail Station in North Leominster via the Mall at Whitney Field
  • Current stops along Bus Route #8 include service to Downtown Leominster, the Mall at Whitney Field (Market Basket/Food Court), D’Ambrosio Eye Center (Lancaster), Orchard Hill Park (Target/Kohl’s, etc.), Crossroads Office Park & the Leominster Senior Center


Creates hundreds of jobs for the region & promotes economic development from employees who will consume goods & services locally.

  • Total logistics buildout targeted for 2,404,000 SF across a multi-building layout
  • Logistics use is behind the 40R mixed-use component & FC Stars soccer complex & for the most part not visible from Route 70
  • Likewise, the 40R District is well distanced from the logistics operations
  • A substantial landscaped buffer & fencing is proposed in the northwest corner of the site adjacent to the White Pond neighborhood